New currency exchange service.

Many people automatically think about their bank when looking to transfer large sums of money and many banks tell their clients they they are charging no commission for the service. Whilst there may be no explicit charge, of course the bank is not normally doing it for free and they will generally be making 3-4% profit between the funds that they buy and the rate they sell back to you. Put another way that’s €3-4,000 euros per €100,000 transferred. Many people have noticed that currency exchange companies consistently beat the banks rates so how do they do it? The answer is simply they take less an give more back to you. A typical currency exchange company would be looking at a “cut” of around 1% however, this is entirely negotiable depending on the amount being transferred. We have the facility to look at different currency partner companies and negotiate the best rate for you…even if it saved you €100 euros we are sure its worth the call?

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