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Introducing Simon Verity

With over 25 years experience as a certified Financial Planner (CertFA) Simon has been giving financial advice in France for over 12 years to expats living in the country, specifically in Paris and the North of France.

Simon originally gained his UK qualifications in 2001 and spent 15 years working for various UK institutions and banks and today continues as a European regulated Independent Financial Adviser. Specialising in holistic financial planning, Simon’s main activities focus around advice for French based expat clients pensions, investment and inheritance advice such as wills and trusts. For mortgages and currency exchange Simon can put you in touch with the right partners to give you the advice you need after an initial discovery discussion. His typical clients are the retired, workers and those in between and Simon offers all initial advice free of charge and with no obligation to proceed.

Simon is licensed and insured to give advice across the whole of Europe as well as holding registration to give advice in the UK as a FCA regulated advisor.

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