Tax Free Growth

Assurance vie is a fundamental of French Financial planning both for its huge advantages in saving on income tax on your investment growth but also due to the fact it can greatly reduce inheritance tax liabilities (IHT) for your heirs when you have gone.

This is the primary solution for the majority of the French population and was specifically designed to meet and help with French inheritance and tax problems. The great news is it is also available to ex pats living in France offering the same advantages in Euros, Dollars and in Sterling if preferred. Why leave your money dormant and taxable in the bank when you could have:

  • Tax Free Growth no matter the amount.
  • Tax efficient income if required with reducing tax rates over time.
  • More tax efficient than pension drawdown.
  • Year 8 onwards €4,600 per annum can be withdrawn free of tax (€9,200 for a married couple).
  • Access to capital at any time.
  • Huge range of investment choice available.
  • €152,500 per beneficiary can be left free of inheritance tax with a tax rate of only 20% after that.

You can name who you want and as many beneficiaries as you like, Assurance vie falls outside of your estate.

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