If you have worked in the UK whether you are British or not the likelihood is that you have pension funds left behind. These at best could be dormant, deferred or unmanaged and at worst in the case of final salary employers schemes in risk of actual failure due to underfunding!

Don’t leave things to chance, take personal control of your pension ensuring that it is being given a chance to grow and is actually there for you when you need it at retirement. A Qualified Recognised Oversees Pension Scheme (QROPS) is a pension scheme that qualifies under HMRC rules as a pension scheme that is recognised as a suitable vehicle to hold your pension assets until required. We can help you set up your QROPS and get you pension funds into it as well as give ongoing investment advice to help increase your pension pot’s value.

You can bring many pensions together at once whether they be personal pensions or company schemes etc. so you have all the funds in one place and easy to manage. You will not be liable to UK income tax when you take money out on which to live (if outside the UK). Choice of currency. The remaining pension fund can be left in entirety for a partner or children etc. when you have gone not always the case if the funds are left in the UK depending on what age you die! Total access to funds if required. Enhanced investment options giving total freedom and flexibility.

It will cost you nothing to have a chat about this and find out more.

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